Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Live at the Red Light District
Wednesday, May 16th, 8:00 PM, $5

Humanbeast (Providence ball and chain.. Load rekkids)
Meager Sunlight (Providence progressive synth duo)
Time Ghost (Providence freak electronics.. Maybe this time Adam won't leave bizarre clothing at our house)
Blood Huff (Weirdwave.. Members of Humanbeast)

Debbie DJs Dallas (XXX Live debut + CD release!)

MAY 27th at NAVY YARD (14 Steuben Street, Brooklyn NY)
RUSSIAN TSARLAG (Tampa Freek and Renaissance Man brings...?)
JEFF ZAGERS (Multi-Instrumentalist with class/on tour with tsar)
TEENY BOPPER (Renowned Childrens Performer and Yanni stunt double Plays the hits)
ROTTEN APPLES ("The tightest out-of-tune band in the world"--Members of DreamHouse)

//EVE// (Eli+Eli)

Live at the Red Light District
MAY 29th, 8:00 PM, $5
MACHISMO ( Harsh power electronics from Treasure Death crew. Chicago.)
HATE BASEMENT ( Japanese worship/ PE drenched in whiskey and shame. Members of BONGRIPPER. Chicago.)
DUAL ACTION ( Personal and poignant electronics. Members of KP. NYC)
LOCUTIONS ( Dark Ambient. Members of Dead Times. RI)