Friday, May 23, 2014

this ship has sailed

Delanco Entertainment Group proudly presents:


 (San Francisco, Ape Canaveral, FLAw) - 1994 - present/future 
Deep in the Nasa-D Ape Canaveral FLAw System, we find a busted signal, transmission destination Errth - Rockaway Queens USA. Deciphering Butyl RNA, Classic Petri technologies applied to highspeed electronic cardboard with a NASA 'd' setting. 
100% Important American USA Pioneers from Detroit or Mali. 
Before Nautical Almondac, Wolf Guys, Pruderient, and your common household names, there was A-gene-rak and CimeVOX "D" zer0-tech Solid City State USA
First NYC appearance since 2006 
You will not want to miss this rare Errth opportunity to encounter the true electronic cardboard mental wisdom of Ape Canaveral ignorance & future cargo cult outlines. 
* (() = car tire glyph
(Philadelphia) - 1995 - present 
The mailman of gravity returns to NYC to make first ever priority delivery to Bay 25th Street. Looking to collect his pension and step on a few parcels, this guy is bound to rip your tax return open and spend it on years supply of soda pop. 
(Delanco E.G. - NYC) - 1997 - 2014
A local hot shot producer in the film industry. You may know this guy as a passive aggressive failure. The time has come to wrap up foot in bandage and seek shelter until current trend fades away into ______? 
In the meantime, Piece of Paper, a family friend of the guy, will make his debut in the near future, delivering hits such as " 8 1/2 x 11" and "Legal Size"

DJ Al Dente  and 
DJ Do-Gooder Dude 
spinning you through the evening 

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